Suddenly Sorceress - Erica Lucke Dean

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Red Adept for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Ivie Marie McKie is an average everyday garden variety Kindergarten teacher who has incredibly bad luck on farm field trips and bad taste in fiancés. Well, she thought she was average and even a bit boring until the day she turns Matt into the skunk that he is. Wut? When Google is no help she resorts to searching Craigslist and finds Jackson Blake who claims to be a magician. He may or may not be a magician, but he is definitely a hottie who ignites sparks in Ivie, so she enlists his and her best friend Chloe’s help in figuring out how to change Matt back into a human before the cops arrest her for his murder, body or not.


What a fun ride this is! No sympathy for Matt, but poor Ivie! Can you imagine just living your life until the day you get so enraged you turn someone into a skunk and have no clue how you did it or how to reverse it? First you have to believe what your eyes are telling you even if it seems completely out of the realm of believability. Then you have to figure out a way to fix it when the internet is no help. And finally, you have to do it fast because the cops are asking questions you can’t answer without being arrested or put into a rubber room.


The writing is excellent and the pace is just about perfect. I had to take a bit away for a scene towards the end that I thought was unnecessary, but on the whole it clips along at a good speed with Ivie trying to stay one step ahead of the cops. The characters are wonderful and the dialogue is snappy. If you want a lighthearted fast-paced humorous romantic fantasy about a newly discovered witch then I highly recommend spending an afternoon with this one.