Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy (Angel) - Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

*Book source ~Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Dasheen ‘Angel’ Bellamy turned 15 on Halloween night, the same night she freaked out seeing a creepy little girl, that no one else saw, before passing out. After getting a full medical she’s deemed fine and she goes back to school, but one day she sees the creepy girl again, this time at school, before her brain checks out for a few weeks. She can’t recall that time, but she spent a month in the hospital on the psychiatric floor while they tried to figure out what was wrong with her. The day she returned home was the last one she saw her dad and surrogate mom, Jocelyn. She woke up feeling as if someone was choking her, so she fought back. When the police showed up she was covered in blood and her parents were gone. Six months in a hospital later, she and her 12-yr-old brother Jordan end up at AmeAcademy. However, AmeAcademy isn’t a normal kind of school as Angel is about to find out.


This is a bit different story than I’ve seen in awhile. There’s a special academy for ‘freaks’, but they have normal kids attending also which seems to me to be a tad dangerous. The school runs 24 hours and is split into Day and Night School. Dasheen tells the story in blog form and the writing is pretty good. The story itself  is where I have a problem. There are some students breaking the rules, serious rules, and the adults in charge aren’t doing anything about it. I have a hard time believing they’re just going to sit back and let a teenager handle the problem especially when what the others are doing is this huge no-no. I’m also not hip to how the academy, which has grades 5-12, lets the older grades mix with the younger grades. Another problem I had is that Dasheen’s powers or whatever they are aren’t really explained; not about what she is, what the powers are or how exactly they kicked into gear. Finally, some mention is made of some council or other, but that is also not explained. The ending resolves nothing and is a cliffhanger. So, overall the story is interesting, but I had some issues with it.