Crawl - Edward Lorn

*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Colton is driving Juliet to her mom’s house, so she can have some space away from her cheating idiot of a husband and decide whether their years together make it worth staying with him or if she should just cut-n-run. Apparently Colton felt Juliet wasn’t ‘”there for him”, so he decided to do the dog sitter, most likely doggy style, because she was available. However, before they get to their destination they’re in a terrible car crash and Juliet’s world abruptly changes.


Ok, I have to take a deep breath here and remain calm because this book freaked me the fuck out. I’m just riding along loving Juliet’s inner monologue and narrowing my eyes at Colton and then there’s the Mercury with the screwed up plate and bumper sticker. Woah. Dafuq kind of weirdo is driving that thing? Uneasy feeling number 1 intrudes in my enjoyment of Juliet’s thoughts. Rest stop makes me all jumpy, the uneasy feelings multiply like compound interest and now I’m wishing they’d hurry up and get to Juliet’s mom’s place. Foggy night, lonely highway? Umm…can we turn around, go home and work things out? Guys? Hello? Oh, shit…the car crashes and afterwards Juliet passes out. Then wakes up. Wait. Sweet Baby Jane. I cannot relive those moments after she wakes up. The stomach in knots, the tense shoulders, the biting of the fingernails, the crawling skin, the cringing, no, no, no. I’m not going back there and you can’t make me. I’m still checking my feet, just to make sure and that’s bad enough.


The only reason this story didn’t get a 5 from me is the ending. I didn’t understand it.  I am in no way blaming the author. I *feel* as if I should get it, that I’m the only one not getting it and it’s frustrating me. It’s Chemistry class all over again. I fully believe I will wake up from a sound sleep in the not-so-distant future and say, “Holy fucking shit! I get it!” Before I curl into a ball and sob.