Storm Front - Jim Butcher

*Book source ~ Local library


Harry Dresden is the only wizard in Chicago. He has an office where he works mostly as a Private Investigator and is a special consultant to the Chicago P.D. for the weird cases. Lt. Karrin Murphy is the Director in charge of SI, Special Investigations and she only calls Harry in when things are very weird or very weirdly bad. Murphy calls Harry in for a double homicide that is particularly nasty. In addition to figuring out how they were murdered using magic he gets a missing persons case. The wife of Victor Sells wants Harry to find her husband who has disappeared after acting strangely. Just another day in the life of Harry, Chicago’s wizard.


Guest reviewers:

A ~ my 16-year-old daughter

T ~ my 14-year-old son

K ~ my 13-year-old son


Ah, it looks like I’ve hit upon a winner with The Dresden Files. I am now a hero in my kids’ eyes. I’ll be able to dine on my brilliance in picking this series for many months to come as we work our way through the series. *preens* K has actually read all the books already, so he knows what’s going on, but has been very good about not giving anything away to A or T.


Harry is a hit with everyone and is the favorite character. A likes Murphy next and Mister (Harry’s cat). Toot Toot (or as A said Fart Fart when she couldn’t remember his name) the dewdrop fairy is another character they want to see more of (and I know that they will). Gentleman John Marcone, the local crime lord and his main henchman Hendricks are also interesting to A and she would like to know more about them. Bob is also a favorite and Bianca the vampire is not.


They all like Harry’s explanations about magic and potions in particular and thought the drug 3rd Eye is very weird. Everyone loves the humor throughout the book and the mystery had enough twists and turns to keep them guessing.


Favorite quote: “Little pig, little pig, let me in…” as Harry blows the doors of Gentleman John Marcone’s  club the Varsity into little wood splinters. Damn, Harry.


It’s no surprise that we will be diving right into book 2, Fool Moon.