The Mayor's Daughter I:  Draft Pony (The Mayor's Daughter, #1) - Will Versuch

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Pink Flamingo for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Jessica Miller is a spoiled rich girl whose father is the mayor of her town. On her 19th birthday while on the way to her party she gets pulled over for yet another speeding violation and she thinks she might be able to get out of it with a warning. However, the officer says she’s got an outstanding warrant and she needs to go to the station to get it straightened out. Except there is no warrant and Jessica is about to enter a whole new world. One that is cruel and sadistic with no hope for escape. If she survives, this will be a birthday she’ll never forget.


Woah. I have to say that animal roleplay or petplay isn't something that lights my fire. However, I was curious and had heard this story was pretty good, so I was game to give it a go. Sweet Baby Jane! This is not a cutesy light and fluffy BDSM story. This is a non-con abduction and forced BDSM book. Jessica, newly christened Sierra, is forced to be a ponygirl.  This is not something she ever even thought about in her wildest dreams. She is not secretly craving to be a submissive and she does not fall in love with the cruel and sadistic Officer. This story is brutal to read.


I like Jessica despite the fact she starts out a bit spoiled. She has guts aplenty. And she’s smart. She’s constantly trying to think of ways to get the fuck out of there or ways she might be able to manipulate her captor. None of it works, but at least she’s trying. The story is well-written and the things the Officer does to Jessica are so finely detailed I had no problem picturing them in my head. Which was enough to give me nightmares, thankyouverymuch. I may have learned more than I ever needed to know about ponyplay, but at least it was an inventive and very interesting learning experience.