Nowhere, AZ - Chris Nunley

*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


He’s been on the run for 12 years, never staying in one place too long, always heading vaguely west. There’s someplace he needs to go, something unknown is pushing him. He needs to get there. He needs to keep moving because if he stays too long in one place, people get hurt and he doesn’t want people to be hurt. It’s not his fault. Not really.


This is a strange book. This well-written piece is told by a nameless man. Never once, in the whole book, is his name mentioned. Weird, but it fits with the whole odd story. It alternates between present time and flashbacks that slowly tell his tale, why he’s on the run and why he can’t stay in one place too long or people get hurt. He eventually ends up in Nowhere, AZ and finally feels like he could fit in, but something is still pushing him to head west. The ending sort of leaves it up to the reader to decide what this guy’s ultimate decision is. This isn’t a bit of light reading before bed. It’s a dark tale about a poor guy who got a bum deal and lived with it as best he could. However, I choose to think of the ending with hope. Because, that’s the way I am.