Lady Tara - Leonora Blythe

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Untreed Reads for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


When Lord Raven’s coach is held up by highwaymen he is surprised that they were looking for a specific coach and he just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But it’s the same case for the highwaymen when Lord Raven calmly shoots one of the men in the shoulder. But he’s even more surprised when he finds out the man is really a woman. Now his curiosity and his need to unravel the mystery have been thoroughly aroused as well as certain other parts of him, like his heart, which he thought was long gone. But Lady Tara is proving to be stingy with the facts and it’s up to Raven to figure it out and keep her safe.


This is a delightful historical romance with awesome characters, a slightly twisty plot, spies and humor. The POV changes are a bit wonky though, sometimes coming in the same paragraph, so I couldn’t rate it a 5 biter, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable read despite that. I’m definitely going to be looking up more stories by Leonora Blythe.