Femme Fatale: Slave to My Nature Series - Robert India

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Robert is a horndog. He loves sex. He thinks about it all the time and wants to do it all the time and he usually does.  He has a girlfriend he calls Houseguest. And though he says they are both Alpha, fighting for control in the relationship I think Houseguest is the Alpha and Robert is, at most, a switch. She plays him like a fine-tuned instrument. They have an open relationship where they are a couple, but they play with others. Robert is obsessed with the idea of playing with Kate and Mike. He has no idea what they are into so he asks a friend what their kinks are and figuring it isn’t anything he can’t handle, he agrees to go over to their place for dinner. He knows dinner will lead to playing, but he doesn’t really have any idea what’s in store for him. After the fiasco with Kate and Mike Houseguest decides to teach Robert a lesson.


There is a lot of kinky sex going on in this well-written, hot, short story. Robert truly is a horndog and when he decides to be celibate for two weeks it’s hilarious. Poor Robert. He’s a slave to his penis. :D Houseguest is so very devious and I loved it. The only off bit about the story is Robert’s assertion that he’s Alpha. He doesn’t seem very Dominant in this story. Oh, he does some ordering around there towards the end, but it seems to me he’s happiest when he’s submissive. Just my opinion.

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2014/01/wicked-wednesday.html