The Apocalypse Gene - Suki Michelle, Carlyle Clark

*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Olivya Wright-Ono can see auras which isn't a good thing when your home is a hospice for the dying. When she meets Mikah in the virtual school she finally has something to look forward to each day. But the pandemic is spreading and things are getting worse. When she finally meets Mikah in the real world she discovers he’s not like other humans. But what does that mean and how is it connected to what’s happening in the world? They’re about to find out.


Ok, this book was massively confusing. First, I had to slog through slang-filled conversations that got even worse when Ayvilo shows up then I have to try and understand what is happening and why it’s happening, not to mention the solution needed is beyond my comprehension. The writing is ok, but the characters aren’t fully fleshed out. And I already mentioned the plot was too confusing and while I know this is sci-fi, much of it was too way out there. Others may find this a great story, but what it gave me was confusion, frustration and disappointment. And a headache.