Clan - Realm Lovejoy

*Book source ~ Many thanks to CCB Tours & the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


1672 otherwise known as Twain has been locked inside the house for 17 years. He can’t even look out the window. He doesn’t realize he shouldn’t even exist, that his Father, Twigg, has been up to some hinky stuff while doing his job ensuring the health and welfare of the Clan. Clan are supposed to be clones of Father Khume, the only survivor of the Frag invasion on Clag. In 50 years there are nearly 6,000 copies of him, but not all of them are exact.


This book boggles my mind in many ways. First, there is the fact that one man has cloned himself over and over until he has 6,000 copies of himself. That is just plain creepy. Next, Twain has been inside the same building for 17 yrs and hasn’t even been allowed to look out a window. I’d be climbing the walls. Then even though society says they are all about Unity and they are from the same person there are a lot of differences between the clones. Nature vs Nurture seems to play a large part in how they don’t act the same as I would expect. I guess Father Khume has a lot of faces, some of them popping up in clones that don’t have his experience in keeping them submerged and hidden. Khume’s ‘perfect society’ isn’t so perfect after all.


The premise for this book is extremely interesting and it is very well-written. The interaction between the clones was a surprise considering they didn’t act exactly how I thought they would. The first part of the book went along pretty smoothly, but the second half seemed a bit rushed. The ending was a surprise though. I knew something wasn’t quite right about Khume’s story, but I didn’t expect the explanation that was given.  Whoa. This is a pretty good sci-fi dystopian about clones and how, no matter what kind of Rules or Laws there are, a human being is a complex organism.