The Strong Brain - Nathan Yocum

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Curiosity Quills for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Simon Craig hears voices, but he’s not crazy. He’s an alcoholic, drug addict, smoker and sort of private detective, but definitely not crazy. The only voices he doesn’t hear are the ones of the dead. The dead don’t speak. When Detective Tanner comes to him for help in finding the daughter of a local crime boss Simon agrees. However, what should have been a routine and easy job for him soon turns into a nightmare of epic proportions changing Simon’s life in ways he never could have imagined.


Well-written with plenty of action this is a great psychic story. Simon Craig is one interesting dude and then to find out he’s not unique? Fantastic! Damsel is downright scary and tragic. The Benefactor is truly evil. I love how this story went from routine to shit with only a touch of Simon’s hand on Pauline. One little innocent thing and BAM!  I loved how Simon’s psychic connection is described, but Damsel’s confused me a lot of the time. Very little is said about the Benefactor.


Set in 1952, I’m not sure this story would have been as good set in current times. People are more apt to believe in psychics nowadays and with the digital age it would have been a lot harder for the people in this story to get away the things they did. The ending was very interesting and I’m wondering if we’ll see more of Simon Craig. I certainly hope so. I would love to ride along with him again.