What the Dark Brings - Edward Lorn

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A horror anthology filled with 22 short stories. Starting off with a deceptively light sweet taste Edward Lorn takes us by the hand and leads us with a knowing smirk down into the dark and dank pits of hell with each story darker than the previous. Except for the last story. Yes, it is sinister and bad things happen, but I consider it more of a paranormal/horror hybrid. It was nice to climb out of the pit and shake the dark from my feet as I finished World’s Greatest Dad on a note of hope.


Literary Sweets ~ Not bad if you don’t mind the results. And are they permanent?

A Friendly Reminder ~ I didn’t really get this one.

The Monitor ~ Now, this I loved.

The Southbound Triple-Six ~ Oh, my.

Nothing is Out to There to Get You ~ If Jaws didn’t make you scared of the ocean then this one will.

Up on the Rooftop ~ You never know what you’re capable of until you do something really stupid or have incredibly bad luck.

A Purchase of Titanic Proportions ~ This is downright creepy!

The Land of Her ~ I have no words.

What the Dark Brings ~ No more basements for me.

That Thing About a Picture and a Thousand Words ~ Reminds me of Twilight Zone

Smitten ~ Red-neck zombie love. Ugh.

Machinations ~ Dafuq did I just read?

He Who Laughs Last ~ Now, this. This is disturbing. And Chucklers? Is this going where I think it’s going?

The Attraction ~ See? This is why I never go into those things.

He’s Got Issues ~ Hoarders. I can’t…I don’t…ugh.

Sissy ~ Holy shit! Thanks for ruining cherry pie for me. *shudders*

Holes ~ No. Just no.

The Kissing Booth ~ I like. Gross, but very imaginative.

Come to Jesus Meeting ~ Great. Now even statues are off limits.

An Affair to Remember ~ Payback is a bitch.

Snuggles ~ *shudders*

World’s Greatest Dad ~ My favorite story

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