From Here to Eternity - Paige Cuccaro

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Entangled for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Rachel Burns sees her obituary in the paper and immediately calls her husband, Nate. Getting his voicemail, she starts to leave a message only to get an incoming call from her husband’s phone. However, when she answers she doesn’t recognize his voice. This day is getting weirder and scarier as things don’t add up for Rachel. The man on the phone promises everything will be ok and he’ll be right home, but when he shows up Rachel doesn’t know who he is. She has gaps in her memory, the date is wrong, the home security doesn’t acknowledge her voice, she can’t open the front door to leave, the house is a mess and the man who says he is Dr. Nathaniel Burns is not familiar to her. Is Rachel losing her mind? Or has something else happened?


Wow. This is an excellent sci-fi short. Even though it is a short story it feels a lot longer. It’s very well-written, the characters of Rachel and Nate are well-fleshed out, the moral situation they are in is a slippery slope and extremely tricky, not to mention dangerous.  I could feel Rachel’s confusion and fear as she tried to logically work through what Nate tells her. Then there’s Nate. Oh, boy. Nate’s dilemma is one that makes you think really hard, what would you do if you were in his shoes? And the twist? Didn’t see that coming and though it’s a bit far-fetched and quite the stretch, I let it go. If you like sci-fi I recommend picking this one up.