Beauty and the Wolf - Marina Myles

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Kensington & NetGalley for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Lord Draven Winthrop spent time in an asylum when he was 16 and he believes he’s under a rauna curse, so his prospects for making a good marriage are dismal. Isabella Farrington’s prospects are no better since she is believed to be cursed by an Egyptian amulet given to her by her father after an archaeological dig. In addition, they have run out of money to support themselves. Isabella marries Draven to save herself and her father from starvation even though she doesn’t know him very well and Draven marries Isabella for her curse since she is fated to kill her lover and he wants his life ended. But in this using of each other they find something else. The question is can they survive being doubly cursed?


The premise for this story is intriguing, but I had a hard time connecting to the main characters. Their emotions jumped around so wildly and it seemed like Isabella kept leaving only to return again. The plot wasn’t too bad and though I had an inkling of what the twist was before it was revealed, it was still a decent one. I think the story would have faired better with more development and less rushing to the conclusion.