Devilishly Wicked - Kathy Love

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Kensington for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Finola White is out and Tristan McIntyre is in to head up the demonic takeover of the human race through the fashion industry and specifically through HOT! magazine where he’s also in charge. However, Tristan is having a hard time concentrating on the takeover when his curvy quirky personal assistant is consuming his lust-driven thoughts. Well, he is a lust demon after all, but this obsession with Georgia Sullivan is something he’s not used to and it’s driving him crazy. Georgia is also having a hard time resisting her handsome sexy boss, but she believes he is just amusing himself when he flirts with her. If she didn’t need the money she makes at HOT! to support her grandmother she’d leave in a heartbeat before her heart gets broken.


I was wondering how I was going to like Tristan after reading about him in the other two Devilishly books, but it turns out I liked him and Georgia very much. This story is a very enjoyable read with humor, paranormal shenanigans going on and hot steamy goodness. While the story wraps up pretty well, the ending has me wondering if the series will continue or if this was just a trilogy. It can easily end with this one, but a slight opening was left to expand into another book or more if the author chooses.