Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin - Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Joseph Cooper

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Dynamite Entertainment and NetGalley for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


This is the 6th graphic novel in the Dresden Files universe. I’ve managed to read books 1 & 2, but haven’t gotten my hands on library copies of 3, 4 and 5. This story doesn’t follow along the lines of the novels or short stories, it’s not a retelling. It’s a completely new tale set after Fool Moon and one I enjoyed tremendously. Of course, I don’t think there’s a Dresden book yet that I haven’t liked.


Harry is trying to track a Black Lagoon-type creature when a small town Missouri deputy comes to his office looking to hire him for an unusual problem. People in one family are dying and in very strange circumstances. Strange in the way that Harry knows so well, by supernatural means. So Harry agrees to help and heads to Boone Mill. Unfortunately, nothing is ever easy for Harry.


Having only read books 1 & 2 in the graphic novel universe and that was a few years ago, I can’t really compare the illustrations to say if I like this illustrator better than the others. I do like the illustrations in this novel and the story was very interesting. I also liked that this was a new story in the Dresden Universe and not a retelling of a previous one. Nothing wrong with retellings, but it’s always a pleasure to read a new one about Harry since the Dresden Files is up there among my favorite series.


I’m not a huge fan of graphic novels, but I’ll read the Dresden Files any day of the week. Bring on the next one.

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