Caught in the Act - Lucy Felthouse, Kojo Black

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Sweetmeats Press for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Adult content ~ 18+


Police Constable David Beckett learns that there is an event called dogging and it involves parked cars and sex. When his fellow officers break up a dogging meeting and he misses it, he decides to do some internet searching to see what the fuss is all about. Unfortunately for David, dogging turns out to be a huge turn on for him. He had no idea! Now, it’s all he can think about and he’s determined to check out a dogging event for himself to see if it lives up to his fantasies. Getting caught there though could mean the end of his career. After several hard ons in one day though he decides the risk is worth it.


I had no idea what dogging was before this story. How intriguing! And inventive! And kinky! And hot! Ok, you get the idea. *winks* Poor David. He’s just curious about some kind of sexual behavior and the next thing he knows he’s stumbled on a major kink of his. One that is driving him crazy. I loved his dilemma! Oh, and the ending? Awesome!