Lost Souls: Imperfection - Episode 2 - Laurel O'Donnell



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Sam, her brother Ben and freshie Christian are Lost Souls. They are people who have died and, for whatever reason, missed their ride to the other side. Now, they’re stuck between the two places. They try to protect other Lost Souls from being drained of their energy by the Changed and they try to protect humans from being possessed by the Changed after the Changed has accumulated enough energy. They’ve done the best they can, but until recently they didn’t know how to get rid of the Changed for good. While hunting for a missing Lost Soul they stumble across an old Changed nemesis that should have been locked behind iron walls. Something big is coming and Sam’s now Changed husband seems to have something to do with it.


I read Lost Souls: Resurrection almost 2 years ago, so while I remembered the basics of the story, I really appreciated that the beginning of Imperfection gave a recap to jog my memory of major details before plunging into the next episode.


Episode 2 has Sam, Ben and Christian looking for a fellow Soul named Becky, who had gone off looking for a freshie (a new Lost Soul), but she hasn’t checked in with Eugene, a techno geekie Soul who invents really cool tech that the Souls can use. They start with the freshie she was tracking and are surprised by Scala, a Changed that Sam & Ben had locked in an iron cell centuries before. How the hell did he get out? Now, they have a bigger problem on their hands and they still haven’t found Becky. To top it all off, Sam’s husband has shown up and he’s a Changed. Things are going downhill fast.


I really enjoyed this second episode in the series. The mystery, the workings of this world, the characters (though Sam could be less of a bitch to Christian) and the writing make for a great read. I look forward to continuing on with the Lost Souls.

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