First Blush - C.L. Knight

*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Maria is a headstrong, intelligent and educated woman in a time when women were encouraged to be biddable in order to secure a husband. She doesn’t want to be biddable or marry for security and the concept of love was silly in her eyes. However, when she meets Thomas her thoughts of love are changed dramatically, but instead of getting all doe-eyed she does the opposite and leads him a merry chase. But Thomas is determined to have her as his and eventually his patience pays off. They are married. After hearing all about her sister’s wedding night though, will Maria and her love for Thomas, survive her own?


This is a sweet and sexy short about a husband and wife’s wedding night in a time when having sex before the wedding is greatly frowned upon. Maria is a virgin and Thomas has no idea that Maria’s sister has put all kinds of unpleasant ideas in her head about what the wedding night will entail. Very well-written and the characters are wonderful. The sex is steamy and sweet and not overly graphic. A perfect short read that will leave you smiling.