It's Just Sext Series - Box Set - Felice Fox



*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing an audio review copy in exchange for an honest review.


There are three short stories in this box set and they follow Lauren and Marc who have started a relationship online before moving to texting/sexting and then finally meeting in person. Can there be more than sex between them after months living with a ‘no talking’ rule? Or will the sexual tension burn out fast and all turn to ash?


This is an interesting concept. Lauren and Marc have been conducting an electronic affair for months. They’ve exchanged information online and through texting, pictures and videos all while adhering to a ‘no talking’ rule. Lauren went even further by not sending naked photos of herself while Marc laid his hot body out there for her. When Marc’s cruise ship docks nearby her home in California they decide to finally meet in person. Lauren is older than Marc and is self conscious of the fact and of her body. Marc is young and hot. Will he be disappointed in her? All of the nervousness and release of sexual tension in that first meeting (in the first book) is very well written. And very hot. *fans self*


Book 2 is several weeks after the first meeting and they are hooking up again at the same hotel. Only this time, Marc wants to go out in public and sightsee instead of spending the entire time having hot sex. What?! I know, right? Anyway, Lauren lives in the neighborhood and isn’t sure if she’s ready for people to see her with a younger guy, but she gamely puts her self doubts aside and off they go. More adjustments are made between them and it looks like the relationship is making good progress in lasting the test of time. And more hotness ensues. *more fanning of self*


Book 3 sees Marc meeting Lauren’s best friend and having dinner at her own home. Matters come to a head when Lauren finds out Marc has accepted a job offer in New Orleans and hasn’t told her yet. The ending is all about being grown ups and left me smiling. Life isn’t easy, but when two people work together things can be wonderful. If you like books about people overcoming relationship obstacles and also having hot sex then this box set is the one for you.