Cursed - S.A. Archer, S. Ravynheart

*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


London Eyer is a private investigator specializing in the paranormal. When she is blackmailed into working for Rico of the Sidhe her life changes in an instant. She may be forced to work for him, but she’s not doing it without fighting for all she’s worth. She will do the job, but as much on her terms as possible considering the Curse he’s put on her. The question is: Will she survive?


Ok, this story is definitely a good start to a new series. It’s very short, so there’s only a brief glimpse of what this new world and characters are like, but it’s enough to make we want more. I like London. A lot. She reminds me of Harry Dresden (though he’s a wizard) and Anita Blake in the early books (though she’s a necromancer), but the attitude is one that I enjoy reading. She may be forced to do something, but she’s not going to just roll over and play nice. The ending is very intriguing and not how I expected it to turn out, but I very much look forward to reading more in this series.