Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs

*Book source ~ Local library


Thanksgiving dinner is over and Jesse has persuaded Mercy to brave the Black Friday sales. However, around midnight they get into a car accident and when Mercy can’t reach Adam on the phone or anyone else in the pack, she really starts to worry. Using her bond with Adam seems to be her only option though it doesn’t always work they way she’d like since she’s a coyote and Adam is a wolf. Concentrating, she can only perceive that Adam is in pain and filled with rage. Getting a lift from the tow truck driver to her garage she discovers Gabriel and Ben there. Ben is hurt and fighting his change to werewolf so he can tell Mercy what he knows. Now it’s up to Mercy to keep Jesse, Ben and Gabriel safe from unknown dangers, find Adam and the pack and rescue them and get to the bottom of the danger to the Columbia Basin Pack. In order to fill that order she’s going to need her wits about her and draw upon every friend she has.


This book starts out with Black Friday shopping which I would never, ever, ever do in this lifetime or any other. But luckily for Mercy and Jesse they get in a car accident. Yes, I say it was lucky. Because if they hadn’t Mercy wouldn’t have tried contacting Adam or the rest of the pack when Adam doesn’t answer his phone. Worrying in itself, but when she tries her bond with Adam she only feels his rage and pain. Uh, oh. This is not going to be good. For them, that is. For me, the reader, it was fucking awesome! Sorry, Mercy.


Non-stop action, humor, mystery, danger, awesome characters and great writing make this a keeper. But then, I’ve loved all of the Mercy books so far. I love the interaction between characters and learning more and more about Mercy. I will also state firmly and unequivocally for the record that I LOVE seeing Adam’s POV in this book. I am a huge fan of multiple POVs when done with skill and this is. I will also state that Patricia Briggs is very cruel to us worshipping fans who hang on her every word. She parcels out these wonderful nuggets of information so miserly that she could give Scrooge a run for his money. However, it is necessary even as it is cruel. She gives us just enough that we don’t gorge ourselves and are left salivating for more. Cruel and yet brilliant. I know I am salivating right now. I can’t wait for the next book. All-in-all an excellent afternoon read.