Drive a Hard Bargin - Ian Ashe

*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


When Inez Gold’s neighbor offers her $3000 plus expenses to drive a car to Dallas for some rich guy and then fly back home, she doesn’t ask many questions. However, once she’s on the road she hears strange noises emanating from the vehicle and after pulling over to check it out discovers a man in the trunk, tape over his mouth and handcuffed. Does Inez freak out? Well, ok, a little bit, but then she’s off and running on one of her typical Inez-like adventures.


Well-written and quick-flowing this is a fast humorous read. Inez is a bit of a character, that one crazy friend everyone seems to have that gets into and out of trouble without much lasting damage and has one heck of a wild ride while doing it. You know, the one who falls into a pile of shit and ends up selling it as fertilizer to the next person who walks by. This is a fairly short story and could most likely be read while waiting for the Dr, dentist or, if they are anything like around here, the McDonald’s ‘fast’ food drive thru.