First to Find - Morgan C. Talbot

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Red Adept for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Margarita Williams lives in Silver Creek, Oregon, works at the local hospital, is an avid geocacher and puzzle enthusiast. She’s just picked up a new Aussie roommate who was dumped by her fiancé upon landing in America and she has rented the other half of her duplex to some weird, but quiet neighbors. Life is fairly normal until one early morning when she runs out to find a new cache and while she does find it, she also finds a fellow cacher on the ground with a head wound. When he dies at the hospital later and sets off a string of weird events and cacher deaths, Margarita can’t help her curiosity and pits her sleuthing skills against the, to her mind, incompetent Acting Chief of Police in the hopes of nabbing the killer before more of her friends cache, er, cash it in at his hands.


My first experience with Morgan C. Talbot’s writing and I’m off and running at the first page. The story flows by so quickly that before I knew it I was done and clambering for more.  While I had a basic understanding of geocaching before reading this book, the details provided in this twisty mystery are fascinating especially since they are provided via wonderful writing. The characters are detailed, fully dimensional and so interesting that they feel as if I can call them up and see if they’re up for some cache hunting. Until I remember they aren’t real. Kinda depressing, really. All of the twists and turns and the plethora of suspects kept me guessing until the end where Margarita and Bindi, the Super Sleuthing Duo, brought it all together. With humor, great characters, a twisty mystery, secrets and a hint of romance in the air there’s much to love in this beginning of a very promising series. All-in-all an excellent humorous mystery suitable for whiling away the hours.