Star Trek: Movie Tie-in Novelization (2009) - Alan Dean Foster



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Space, the final frontier. Or is it? When an insane revenge-bound Romulan flies a war ship into not only Federation space, but into the past he breaks what might be the final final frontier…time. Nero’s heinous actions change the Federation’s past and everything, or just about everything, is new again in this reboot of the Star Trek franchise.


My guest reviewers for today are:


My 16-yr-old daughter A

My 14-yr-old son T

My 13-yr-old son K


My kids and I listened to this audio a few years after we saw the movie. So, while we saw the movie in 2009 and we do have the DVD it wasn’t fresh in our minds at the time of the listening.


Everyone agreed that the book was awesome, funny, action-packed and had more detail than the movie. Everyone also agreed that narrator Zachary Quinto was good and they liked when he did Spock’s voice best. Of course they would since he was the one portraying Spock in the movie. *rolls eyes*


A said that she enjoyed that the book had more detail than the movie while K said he didn’t care about the extra detail and T was neutral on the subject and asked if we were done yet. *sigh*


A stated she liked the book more than the movie, K liked the movie more than the book and T liked them both equally and said he was missing football on tv.


Is everyone getting an idea of what it’s like around here? lol


All-in-all the consensus is: This story is awesome as a book or movie.