Love 'n Lies: An Evermore Chronicles Novel - Aspen Delainey



*Book source ~ Many thanks to Sirens Call for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Leticia, or Letty to her friends, is a vampire in Calgary. She’s just woken from the year long slumber that all vampires must take every decade in order to rejuvenate and has the unpleasant surprise that she has put on some pounds. How ridiculous a thought that a vampire could gain weight, but her clothes don’t lie. So Letty does some internet searching of how to lose weight in a way that she could apply to a vampire, goes shopping for new duds then goes out to see what’s changed in the year she’s been asleep and to meet up with old friends. In the course of renewing acquaintances she talks with Lori who suggests that Letty get a cat to ease her loneliness. Letty agrees to at least look at the cat at the shelter and when she does she decides she’ll take him. However, when she gets him home he acts a bit un-catlike. When she falls in love with him and he turns into a human she finds out he was cursed with a spell by a bad wizard. However, by turning Justin back to human Letty is now the target of the nasty wizard and her comfy life is about to turn upside down.


I have to say how much I enjoyed this book. The creatures that inhabit this world are many and varied from vampires and shifters to the Fae and tons in between. They live alongside humans, going about their own lives and trying to stay out of the spotlight and instead of fighting with each other as in most stories, they all basically get along since their common goal is to fly below the human radar. The story is told from Letty’s POV, but it’s like she’s talking to you. Almost like reading her diary, but not. It’s a bit different than I’ve seen before and yet not a bad read. Other than being a bit too brief in description at certain times and Letty’s fascination with the idiot Justin was irritating for awhile, I have to say I really enjoyed it and had a hard time putting it down. The ending is left open for expansion on Letty’s training and what she’s capable of and I hope this series continues for some time. I look forward to getting in her head again.