Ever Near - Melissa MacVicar



*Book source ~ Many thanks to Red Adept for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Jade Irving is a typical 16-year-old living on NantucketIsland. Her divorced mom is marrying a widower with two teenage sons and they’ve moved into his beautiful house named Ever-Near just prior to the wedding. It’s summer break and while the teens work summer jobs and party with friend, they’re all adjusting to the new living arrangements, Jade is dealing with a major crush on Charlie her soon-to-be stepbrother and, oh, she’s being harassed by a right nasty ghost living in Ever-Near. You know, typical teenage stuff. What is Jade going to do about Charlie? And just what is she going to do about the ghost?


While this book was a bit of a slow go at the beginning, it was soon gaining speed, the excellent writing pulling me along for the ride as Jade reveals more and more about the ghosts she sees and experiences and her growing relationship with Charlie. I could understand her feeling of isolation, that she couldn’t tell anyone about her ghost seeing super powers for fear of being considered as a possible guest of Hotel Cuckoo, but when she had to actually live with a ghost I’m glad she finally told someone.


If I had to be born with super powers, even the kind to see ghosts, it would be nice to see good ones. Unfortunately for Jade she got the short end of the stick and sees only really nasty, angry and crazy ghosts. Yikes. That sucks. At least now she doesn’t have to carry that burden alone. I am really looking forward to seeing where Jade’s journey takes her in future books. All-in-all an exciting new YA paranormal book with interesting characters and a dash of romance sprinkled on top.

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