Black Site   - Dalton Fury

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Macmillan Audio for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Kolt Raynor, code name Racer, was at the top of his game as a Delta Force Commander when one bad decision on a covert operation plunged him into the abyss. After being kicked out of Delta Force and the military completely, for three years he took odd jobs to get by and drank his life away. Then one day there was a knock at his crappy trailer door and he was offered the chance to get back into the game, but as a civilian. The job was very risky, as in not-come-back-alive risky, but it was worth it for Kolt to do it and do it well. He had three weeks to train and it wasn’t going to be a piece of cake. If he survived the training then he would be able to start the job. After that, he just needed to survive it. Is Kolt too broken to get his head and body together? Or will he do whatever it takes to complete the mission?


I have a special thing for military thrillers probably because my husband and my son are both Marines. If the writing and the plot can keep me engaged then there isn’t much that will put me off the book. This story is not only one that kept me engaged from beginning to the end, but kept me on the edge of my seat. So many anxious moments when things could go wrong and at times did go wrong, but I was drawn right along and raring to keep going. Black Site is real enough to stave off disbelief of some of the situations and the descriptions and actions are just right, not too much and not too little. The varying POVs are something I particularly enjoy, so it was nice to get the story from the angle of other characters.


Since I listened to the audio of this book I have to comment on the narrator, Ari Fliakos. What a sexy voice that man has! Nice inflection and a variety of tones means I wasn’t bored listening to him. In fact, I enjoyed his narration so much I’m going to pick up other books he’s done and hope he continues to narrate audiobooks for some time to come.


All-in-all an awesome military/thriller/action book with lots of peril, weapons, bad guys, good guys and, for once, a woman riding to the rescue (at least in one instance). *wink*