Wolf with Benefits - Shelly Laurenston

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Kensington for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Toni Jean-Louise Parker is the oldest non-prodigy jackal in the very large Parker family and she has made it her responsibility to keep her younger crazily genius siblings in line and on schedule. She has no time to date, so when Ricky Lee Reed shows up in her life she uses the standard ‘go away’ reply…her younger siblings ask him if he is their dad. But Ricky Lee isn’t a dog, um, wolf with a bone for nothing. He wants to spend time with Toni, so when she has need of a bodyguard and his company is the one called he takes the job. Can Ricky Lee handle the crazy Parker family? And will Toni give him the chance?


Once again I had an afternoon of high entertainment as I sank into another Pride book. The characters are so much fun to read that I could almost *almost* wish they were my friends in real life. Though I have a feeling they’d drive me insane. I was a bit skeptical about Toni and Ricky Lee only because the other books really didn’t mention these characters and I went into this book with no real idea of what they were like, who they were. I needn’t have worried.


The romance and sexy scenes took a back seat in this story and I enjoyed the change of pace. The chemistry between Toni and Ricky Lee does a slow build until the smokin’ hotness flares up. In the meantime, there are appearances by many favorite characters and so many moments of hilarity that I was in a constant state of snickering. And I have got to say that Livy is now one of my all time favorite Pride characters. And that is saying a LOT. All-in-all an excellent afternoon of entertainment if you like snarky insane shifters going about their crazy lives.

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