Broken Dawn - Dianne Duvall

Book source ~ Purchased (also was a review request, but I forgot I had already pre-ordered it)


Nick Belanger has the hots for his next door neighbor, Kayla Dorman. He’d ask her out and hope she says yes, except he’s an Immortal Guardian and his life is all about killing vampires to protect the humans who are unaware of what goes bump in the night. Not only is he something she would find hard to believe, but she has a daughter he doesn’t want to put in danger. Well, he doesn’t want to put either one in danger, but now that the biggest threat in his world has been eliminated and her daughter is off to college, maybe he could tell her about his feelings. Maybe?


Kayla has always had the hots for Nick, but he’s a handsome single guy and she’s a single mom.  Plus, he’s never shown any interest in her so she accepts and enjoys his friendship over the years. Their relationship is suddenly redefined after a near tragedy and Kayla is thrown into his world. What was once hands off becomes all hands on deck as the two really get to know each other. But a new danger is lurking in their Texas city and Nick will need to call in the Immortal Guardians from North Carolina when the shit hits the fan.


Anyone who has been following me over the years knows how much I love the Immortal Guardians. I devour each book as soon as it comes out. And now there’s a spinoff series called the Aldebarian Alliance that is just as yummy to nom on. Broken Dawn does a good job of standing alone even though it is the 10th book in the series. You can read it and not be lost if you haven’t read the books that came before. However, I don’t know why anyone would want to miss out on so many books with awesome characters, kickass action, snappy dialogue, humor, hot sexiness, and paranormal wonders. Why would you do that to yourself? No, I asked you a question. WHY?! Go sit in a corner and think about that.


Seriously, if you love your paranormal romance with lots of action, humor, multi-layered characters, and hot naked time set in a well-developed world then look no further.