It Ends With Her - Brianna Labuskes

Book source ~ Kindle First


Clarke Sinclair is a Special Agent with the FBI and she and her partner Sam have been tracking a serial killer named Simon Cross for years. Every time they think they can save the girl and catch him they arrive too late. But this time a woman he’s kidnapped doesn’t fit his profile and he’s taken her before he’s finished with the one he already has. He’s changed his MO and Clarke doesn’t know why. All she does know is Cross is doing all of this because of her and she feels he’s building to a grand finale. Will they finally catch him before he kills again or will they themselves be his next victims?


This book is awful and I’m not entirely sure why I kept reading it. Maybe because the chapters not involving Clarke are actually pretty good. Every chapter from Clarke’s POV is shit. Seriously. How clichéd can a character be? And omg, the self-flagellating that makes zero difference is unbelievably tedious to slog through. Also, I’ve read about “rogue” FBI/police characters that actually do a whole lot better of straddling the line than her. No superior officer would EVER let her get away with the shit she’s been getting away with. Nope. Can’t suspend my disbelief THAT much. I actually started skimming much of her chapters to get back to Bess and Adelaide. Clarke is completely and totally unlikeable. And then the grand finale? WTF. Am I really supposed to buy that horseshit? I. Can’t. Even. How fucking stupid was that? I do NOT recommend this story. Ever.