Dragon Walk - Melissa Bowersock



Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited


After an attempt to bridge their business relationship to a personal one and failing, Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud aren’t doing much of anything together. Until the police have a missing persons case they haven’t been able to solve in four months. As a last resort they call in Lacey and Sam to see if Sam can sense the woman who the police are fairly certain is dead. Lacey gets on her part of the research and Sam does his walk, but things aren’t as easy as they once were. But there’s a girl out there that needs their special skills so they forge ahead to a satisfactory conclusion.


I’ll admit I’m bummed about the relationship failing, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Lacey has some serious baggage. I am glad they sucked it up and got straight to work on finding that poor missing girl. The writing is crisp and flows quickly. Before I knew it I was done. The mystery is great and I love the characters. The ending is satisfying. Two thumbs up.

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