The Wrongful Death: The Great Devil War III  - Kenneth B√łgh Andersen

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Philip Engel has died twice. The first time was a mistake when the boy Lucifer picked for his heir is supposed to die, but Philip does in his place. After he’s restored to life he dies a second time when Mortimer (or Death) needs his help to find his lost Die. Now, Philip is back on Earth (again) when he has to die (again) in order to save the school bully (now his friend) from a death that he caused. So, Philip dies and when he goes to the Underworld he has to find Sam. Except the Underworld is vast and it’s next to impossible to find Sam on his own so he enlists the help of friends he’s made there. Except, even they can’t find Sam. Lucifer suggests that God should know where Sam is so off they go for a quick visit in Paradise. But their journey doesn’t end there. Grab a copy and join Philip on his 3rd death adventure.


This story just gets better and better. You’d think it would get a bit repetitive, having Philip die so many times, but it doesn’t. Not for me anyway, since I’m a Supernatural fan and we all know how many times people die and come back to life on that show. Anyway, Philip’s journey this time is a good one. He has to fix what he screwed up (Sam’s death) and I got to see way more of the Underworld than in previous editions. There’s trouble brewing in Hell, Paradise isn’t what everyone thinks, and in the end, Philip’s personal journey takes a huge leap. So huge that I’m dying (hehe see what I did there?) for the next book!