The Die of Death - Kenneth B√łgh Andersen

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14-yr-old Philip Engel has survived relatively unscathed during his time as apprentice to Lucifer. He’s been sent back to Earth with a soul that’s a little less angelic which garners him some actual friends at school. When Death comes knocking though, back he goes to the Underworld. Mortimer’s Die has been stolen and he desperately needs Philip’s help to find it before the natural order of things is completely out of whack. Satina, his devil friend, is there to help while they look for clues and track it down. But they’re having a hard time making any headway. Well, this is Hell after all. Did he think it would be a walk in the park?


Are you looking for an easy read that will keep you guessing and have you rooting for the little guy? Then look no further. This book is a great way to pass the day. Philip is a smart cookie and a wonderful character and side characters aren’t too shabby either. The mystery isn’t easy to solve and there’s drama, humor, and danger along the way. Keep in mind that Philip and Satina are young adult. Very young adult at 14, so adults, at times, might be like, you idiot! Use your brain! But they are young and have no wisdom yet. So, don’t get too upset when they screw up. It’s all a part of growing up. Yes, even in Hell. I look forward to book III!