5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Maurice Barkley

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Within these pages are five stories told by Dr. Watson about his pal Sherlock Holmes. Five short stories about small jobs that Holmes (and he) have solved. The writing does a wonderful job of pulling me into not just each story but that particular time. I have not read all there is to read about Holmes and I haven’t seen more than a couple tv shows/movies, so I am no expert on the subject. All I know is I love this collection of tales detailing jobs of no big consequence to Holmes, but extremely important in the grand scheme of his work. No job too big or small as long as it piques his interest. These are right up his, and my, alley.




The Holborn Toy Shop

The Legacy of Doctor Carus

The Train From Plymouth

The Whitehall Papers

The Grosvenor Square Furniture Van

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