Tough Girl - Libby Heily

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


Reggie is in the 6th grade and has problems with a school bully. But that’s only one of the things she has to deal with. She’s poor and her mom is constantly zoning out. This month’s food is almost gone and Reggie needs her mom to snap out of it, cash her check, and buy some groceries. Except when her mom goes out to shop, she never returns home. As the days pass, Reggie relies heavily on her imaginary friend, Tough Girl. But her situation is deteriorating quickly. Will she survive until her mom returns?


This is a weird read. Not bad weird though, but good weird. Reggie is a fighter, in the sense that she continues on despite adversity. But she’s only, what? 11 or 12. Her mom appears to have some kind of mental illness and is getting worse. Then she just disappears. Gah! Poor Reggie! Things are happening and Reggie doesn’t want to go to foster care, but holy shit. What the hell is going on in this book? The parts with Tough Girl are just as interesting. I can’t elaborate because I want you to read it and see for yourself. What a great read. I recommend this.