Full Moon Howl - Orlando A. Sanchez

Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited


Bad juju is going down and The Dark Council wants Simon and Tristan to investigate. However, the evidence is pointing a finger right at Tristan. But you know what they say? If you are pointing 1 finger at someone then there are 4 more pointing back at you. Or something like that. Because we all know it’s not Tristan who is doing this nasty stuff. Montague & Strong need to find out who is behind the nasty business. Preferably before Tristan is taken out for something he didn’t do.


There’s lots of magic and danger going on and the world is interesting. The writing is a bit sparse. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, it just seems a bit lacking in…I don’t know, filler, for want of a better word. Like I said, not necessarily a bad thing, but I like a bit more fiber to my reading meal. Simon is a smartass and it can get a bit irritating which is also why I don’t rate this higher. However, it’s decent entertainment and enough to keep me going with the series. Also, Peaches is the best character of all. Just sayin’.

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