Obsidian Son: A Novel In The Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series (The Temple Chronicles Book 1) - Shayne Silvers

DNF @41%


Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited


Nate Temple is a secret wizard. And a billionaire. Who goes cow-tipping with the Minotaur in his sights. When his parents are murdered and he’s attacked by dragons in his own bookstore he decides to go on the offensive. And that’s a bad thing. Because he’s uber-rich and all-powerful. Which are two of the reasons I gave up on this book. The other is choppy writing and this story is trying super hard to be the love child of Harry Dresden and Oliver Queen. Or Batman. But Batman’s parents died when he was a kid and Oliver’s died when he was an adult. Plus, Oliver owns his own business (a bar), much like Nate does with his bookstore.  So, yeah, Oliver it is. In any case, this writing does nothing but set my teeth on edge. The premise is tremendously interesting and the world has potential, but the execution is very meh. I only set out to find this book because of another fictional series I started called Montague & Strong. The author tossed out the wizard in Chicago (obviously my beloved Dresden) and the wizard in St. Louis. I had no idea who that was, so I searched, and here I am. Disappointed. Oh, well. Moving on.

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