Keep Her Close - M.J. Ford

Book source ~ NetGalley


DS Josie Masters has had a terrible year but at least she saved her young nephew after he was kidnapped by a killer clown. Yeah. I don’t know what that story is about because I missed book 1, but I intend to go back and read it. Now Josie is working on some missing persons cases that are starting to look like more than just a missing persons issue and now her supervisor is pulling her off the cases when it appears that there is some kind of connection to her. What the heck is going on?


Well-written and twisty enough for any mystery enthusiast this tale kept me glued to my seat. Josie is flawed and yet a great detective. Does she make some questionable choices? Oh, hell yeah. Do I want to slap her upside the head sometimes? Definitely. But I like her anyway. Secondary characters are great and the world is interesting. I need to go back and read book 1 and then I’ll be all set for a book 3 with Josie and the crew.