Hide And Seek - Mary Burton

Book source ~ NetGalley


Sheriff Mike Nevada used to be on the FBI’s elite profiling team, but after a case in his home town he gets pissed off at the local sheriff’s mismanagement of evidence, so he leaves the team and runs for Sheriff. And wins. When the body of Tobi Turner is discovered 15 yrs after she disappeared, Nevada manages to get Special Agent Macy Crow assigned to the case. Macy barely survived a hit-n-run accident in Texas on her last case, but she’s back to work and really wants on the team. This is her shot. She has a week to get solid evidence leading to a suspect, or better yet catch the guy, and then they’ll talk about her joining the team.


This story is wow. It doesn’t hit a reader over the head and drag them off. It whispers sweet words and romances the reader with great characters, a well-defined world, a creepy bad guy, and so much more. Before you know it, you’re in love and will follow this story to the ends of the Earth. I feel the ending was a touch rushed otherwise I love it. It reminds me of Criminal Minds, a show I love, so if you enjoy those types of shows then this book is right up your dark alley. I am most definitely looking forward to more books in this series.

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