The Naked Man - Jill Amy Rosenblatt

Book source ~ NetGalley


Katerina “Kat” Mills has an idea of what a “fixer” is. She used to help her former boss/lover, lawyer Phil Castle do the fixing for wealthy clients, but she barely scratched the surface of that particular world before she dumped Phil’s ass. Now, working in dead end mind-numbing temp jobs she answers her phone late one night to one of Phil’s clients. Joe Lessing is in a panic. He needs a fixer and he can’t get ahold of Phil. He begs Kat to help and when he offers a substantial amount of cash to do it, she accepts. This event sets off a chain reaction and before she knows it Kat has begun her first real foray into the fixer world. What has she gotten herself into?


I read books. I watch movies. I know what a fixer is. I know there are different aspects of fixing. But this story really puts it into perspective. Kat is in way over her head. It’s not just the reader who knows this. Kat knows it, too. But she needs the money and she’s smart and a quick thinker. So away she goes. Kat is awesome, other characters are interesting (especially Alexander Winter) and the world is fascinating. Kat’s not bad for a newbie, but I’m scared for her.  This is a dangerous world and I really don’t like Phil. I do look forward to more books in this series.