Chop Shop - Andrew Post

Book source ~ NetGalley


The Hawthorne Funeral Home finances are a mess. Why? Because Amber Hawthorne is a worthless crapmonkey who lets her friend Jolene Morris do all the work trying to keep it afloat while Amber parties and drugs it up. Morons, the both of them. So, when Amber’s dealer clues her in on a money making business (a highly illegal one of course) Amber jumps at the chance. Before she can make a decent argument to Jolene why it’s a good business decision, former physician-now-mob-doctor Frank Goode drops their first customer in their lap. Almost literally. They’re in the body part business now, for better or worse. *pssst: it’s worse


Ok, I know this is mostly about Amber and Jolene and how they got mixed up in a black market body parts deal, but the star of the show is Frank. Oh my, Frank. Did you ever see the CSI episode Loco Motives where the guy Max gets himself stuck in cement while disposing of his wife’s dead body? Frank is Max. Except a whole lot of mob is involved and blood. Sweet Baby Jane, this book is bloody. And that ending? Gah! While it’s a fast-paced page turner, it seemed a little too cliché at times for me. However, it is most definitely entertaining.