Guilt by Association - Marcia Clark

Book source ~ NetGalley


L.A. Deputy District Attorney Rachel Knight walks up to a fire at a sleazy hotel near her office and discovers her co-worker, Jake, has been found dead at the scene with a male teenager. The police think it’s a cut and dried murder/suicide, but Rachel just can’t believe it. So, even though she’s been warned off the case, she enlists a friend in the police department to help her uncover what really happened. And that’s where things get interesting.


Rachel is tenacious and kinda bull-headed, but it makes her good at what she does. And finding out what happened to Jake is priority one when everyone is saying he murdered a teenage male prostitute and then killed himself. Even though she knows very little about Jake’s personal life, they worked 100s of hours together and she’s sure she’s not wrong about the kind of person he was. The more she digs the worse it looks for Jake, but Rachel needs to see this thing through until the end.


Fast-paced and intriguing, who knew I’d really enjoy a story about a lawyer? I guess because this is less about lawyer-y stuff and more about investigating a crime. It’s twisty and turny and the characters are great. I’d read more stories involving Rachel Knight.