The Long Call (Two Rivers #1) - Ann Cleeves

Book source ~ NetGalley


Detective Matthew Venn left his roots behind when he went to college and discovered the strict evangelical community he grew up in was crap. It’s while he’s lurking outside his father’s funeral many years later that he gets a call that there’s a body on the beach. He has no clue that this case will crash land him right back into the community he walked away from.


This is a solid but slow moving mystery that connects several things together. I like Matthew Venn and his team as well as his husband Jonathan and the place he manages, the Woodyard. In other words, I really like the world and the characters. It’s not an exciting heart-racing page-turner, but the mystery is compelling and Matthew’s flaws, strengths, intuition, and sound detective work are what drives it forward. I’d read more in this series.