Past My Defenses (Taming the Pack series) (Entangled Ignite) - Wendy Sparrow

Book source ~ NetGalley


Vanessa is the fastest werewolf in her territory. She’s a bit too dominant for the pack’s comfort, but she tries really hard to be properly submissive around their pack leader, Jordan. Oh, and she has allergies. Lots of them. When she runs across a cat while in wolf form it about kills her. Fortunately, Dane the Park Ranger finds her and tucks her safely in a cage in his basement. When she wakes up in the morning in human form she’s surprised to be alive. And more surprised she’s on a concrete floor in a cage. However, no one is more surprised than Dane who thought he was saving a wolf and ended up with a beautiful naked woman in his cage. What the hell?


While bad shit is going down in their territory, Vanessa scent matches with Dane, a human. This is bad. But not as bad as werewolves disappearing then reappearing in pieces. The plot isn’t horrible and the characters are okay, but the execution just seems to lack. I have to admit that the best part about the story is Vanessa and her allergies. She’s allergic to so much stuff that it should be ridiculous if I didn’t know people who are allergic to so many things that seem innocuous. I got tired of the constant he’s mine/she’s mine crap and how good they smelled to each other. I got it the 1st dozen times. Repetition is not your friend. Overall, it’s an okay story.