Deeply In You - Sharon Page


Helena Winsome is being blackmailed into spying on the Duke of Greybrooke in order to keep her brother out of debtor’s prison. She has to find proof that he’s a traitor and her brother’s debts will be paid.


I have mixed feelings about this. While the writing is awesome and the characters are great, I think Helena is a bit of a moron. Who lets themselves be coerced into a situation and does zero research? I know I would have done some digging before I let myself be pushed into something. Her family owns a newspaper for fuck’s sake! And her brother? Omg, I would have killed him. Ok, I know this is historical and he’s technically head of the house, but I’d still kick his ass. Period. Also, she’s gutsy and intelligent and lets herself be led around by her pussy. Ugh. Stop.


I don’t particularly like the Duke of Greybrooke either. Guys who think they can get whatever they want because that’s always been so for them piss me off. Arrogance without redemption is a huge turn off for me and I don’t think he changes enough over the course of the book to get in my good Graces. Hehe See what I did there?