Seal Team Six: Hunt the Wolf - Don Mann

Book source ~ NetGalley


Chief Warrant Officer, Thomas Crocker of SEAL Team Six and his team are on the way for some mountain climbing training in Islamabad when they are given a mission. Intel puts a known terrorist at an address in Karachi, Pakistan. They are to go in, locate, and bring Abu Rasul Zaman out alive.  Except the mission goes sideways and after the smoke clears they’re told Zaman isn’ty one of the bodies left behind. He’s escaped. Mission failure. It eats at Crocker as he and his team are dismissed to go do their climb. When he meets up with a Norwegian diplomat on the mountain things take a turn that’s unexpected and now the clock is ticking. Will Crocker and his men finish the mission after all?


Full of action this is definitely a thrill ride with a side of mystery from beginning to end. However, it lags a bit in spots, it’s a tad repetitive in areas, and if you love descriptions of weapons then you’ll definitely love this story. Because each and every weapon is listed each and every time they gear up. In addition, I am not really a fan of Crocker. He seems to be more than a touch obsessive-compulsive about working out and pushing himself – even to the point of hurting himself. Extreme and more than a little alarming. His personality is also a tiny bit sketchy although he gets the job done, I can say that about him. Eat your heart out, John McClane. There are some POV problems, not many but enough to pull me out of the story. Otherwise, this is an adrenaline-loving, white hat vs black hat, save the girl, tale from beginning to end.