My Beautiful Suicide - Atty Eve

Book source ~ Blitz. My review is voluntary and honest.


Cosette has had a rough life. Her brother was killed by a texting driver, her parents got divorced and her dad took everything for his new trophy wife, and she’s being bullied at school. At 16 she thinks the answer is suicide, but she doesn’t want to be selfish. So she comes up with the idea to go out and invite a serial killer to do the job for her. Oh, okay.


Cosette’s story started out pretty good. She’s troubled and in pain, but watching her work through the things that happen to her kept me engaged. It’s dark and angsty and a little too convenient at times, but damn. What a ride. And then…the last 20% or so, the entire thing fell apart for me. It goes from being edgy to what-the-fuck to what-the-fuckity-fuck until the grand finale ending is a you-got-to-be-shitting-me moment and not in a good way. Plus, cliffhanger anyone? No. I was all in until about 80%. After that? I’m not entirely sure I want to continue. Maybe someday. Just to see where Cosette ends up as she grows up, but I’m in no rush because honestly? I feel cheated and betrayed by that measly 20%. And in need of some serious cleansing. Because ewwwww. She is nothing like Dexter.