Bobbles and Broomsticks - Nancy Warren


Lucy Swift is an American transplant in Oxford, running the wool shop she inherited from her dead grandma. And by dead I mean vampire. Lucy spends her days running the shop and solving the occasional murder. At night she hangs out with her vampire friends while they knit at tremendous speeds or learning to control the witchcraft she also inherited from her grandma. Hanging out with her vampire friends is much more fun. When her friends Alice and Charlie (Charlie owns the bookstore across the street and Alice is his assistant) get married she’s prepared to enjoy her friends’ lovely day. Until there’s a murder right in the church. What the hecka?!


Now, in between running her shop and taking broom flying lessons, Lucy and her amateur sleuthing vampire friends need to find out who the murderer is before someone else dies. It’s just another uneventful day in Oxford.


I love this series so much. Each book is easy to read and even with the sadness of a murder (or two) it’s a light and often humorous way to pass a few hours. There’s mystery, humor, paranormal elements, great characters, and even some romance sprinkled in. This is book 8 and I’m not even close to being tired of the Oxford shenanigans. Bring on book 9!