Dead Ringer - Mary Burton

Book source ~ ARC ~ My review is voluntary and honest


Kendall Shaw, local Richmond reporter turned anchorwoman, has spent the last year recovering after being in a serial killer’s sights. Now there are women dying who resemble her and one of the detectives in charge of the investigation, Jacob Warwick, thinks she’s a target. Again. As Jacob and Kendall dig into the victims’ pasts, at first there doesn’t appear to be a connection between them. But Kendall’s sudden nightmares just might tell a different story. Can they catch a killer before the killer catches Kendall?


Told from several POVs this chilling story of a man with an obsession is a nail-biter. The writing is great and the murderer is evasive, but I had a hard time with the characters. Kendall and Jacob in particular. I just couldn’t quite warm up to them. Their character development also seems a bit lacking and the romance between them kinda sudden. However, the suspense build up with the killer is decent. Even if this isn’t the greatest tale out there, it’s enough to keep me turning the pages.